Friday, November 25, 2011

Community Cultivator FunRaiser

As you may or may not already know, Community Cultivators is at a very important moment of growth and development and we need your help. Over the past year and a half we have done some incredible things together and really made the best of the worst summer in Texas history. Today, we have visions of taking C^2 to the next level and beyond. We seek to develop a new level of community creativity and interactivity that we want you all to be apart of... and we'll all need each others help to get there!

Through the commitment of hard working people such as yourself, we've change many landscapes, shared many meals, moved mountains of mulch and showed how permaculture can be applied even in the most urban of environments. Over the course of this adventure, we've managed to "fund a movement" without any substantial funding. It's incredible to think about all that we've accomplished together!

As we move ahead there are opportunities awaiting us on the horizon that will allow us to expand our services and our ability to cultivate more resilient, healthy and happy communities. Some of these opportunities, however, come at a cost.

As a community, we would still much prefer to find the talent needed to perform this work within the community, people who share our vision and mission and who want to continue to see the community thrive, without having to ask for monetary donations. This is the kind of world we would like to work toward, one where money is the last medium of exchange considered rather than the first.

Sharing the skills for a better community

Here are a few of the skills we are hoping to find within the community:

Web Programer: Someone with a strong knowledge of open source technologies who can help us develop an interactive website that will serve as a tool to help empower individuals to engage with their communities worldwide and cultivate a healthy and cooperative network from which to share ideas and inspiration.

Graphic Designer: Someone who can channel the community feel into an inviting and interactive user interface for our developing website.

Legal Professional: Someone who can provide advice on the best ways to structure and organize C^2 to most effectively actualize our vision and mission. Someone who can help to navigate the legal bureaucracies for the benefit of communities everywhere.

If you feel like you'd like to contribute in any way, even if you don't feel you have the skills mentioned above, please contact ... your community appreciates any and all support you can lend!

Other ways to lend support

If you'd like to contribute, but time is not your most abundant asset, we understand. We want to make it easy to take part in the cultivation of community no matter what your means or personal situation is.

One of the ways we are trying to raise money, that doesn't cost you any, is to have our community (who are Wheatsville Co-op Owners) choose us for a "Write-in" vote on the "Community Action Wednesday" groups. Simply go to enter your information, select the board candidates you'd like to vote for, select nine possible Community Action Wednesday groups from the list at the bottom of the page and finally, check the box next to the empty text field and write in Community Cultivators.

With that one simple act, you could help raise $1200 to $2000 plus for your community! What a great opportunity!

Last by not least

Throughout the past year and a half you have helped us grow and expand in ways that we could have never expected. Your contributions of time and energy have been invaluable to the community and have allowed us to literally transform peoples lives. In order to help us keep the fun going, we need your help... Help us raise the FUN by raising some FUND$!

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