Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sunflower Coop Permablitz (3 evenings of fun)

We are pulling out invasive plant species, laying a cardboard mulch and creating a fantastic space to relax for future generations of sunflower coop residents and friends!!

Join us and invite your friends to this 3 day event at sunflower coop!!
August 25 - August 27
August 25th, Wed: 4pm - 9:30
August 26th, Thurs: 4pm - 9:30
August 27th, Fri: 4pm - 10:30

If you can, bring a shovel or rake and something from our wish list (see below). Also, gloves, a bandanna, and comfortable shoes make gardening more enjoyable.....

come one day or all three!
we will provide snacks and beverages, but you are welcome to bring something to share as well.... of course, BYOB.

We're looking forward to seeing you there!!

- coffee grounds & other compostables
- wine bottles to line the path
- wood chips
- Plants native/adapted to this area:
Blue or Purple Passionflower vine
Lemon Balm
American Beautyberry
Yellow Columbine
Sumac (any kind)
Heartleaf skullcap
Nolina texana
Giant Lirilope
Lyreleaf Sage
Cedar sage
Cold Hardy Sedums
Bicolor iris
White oxalis
Pigeon Berry
Hill Country penstemon
Wood Violet
Rock Rose
Cedar Sage

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