Saturday, May 21, 2011

The fun continues...

Our community continues to ripple out from the Deadend Homestead, Permaculture Park and our new friends at The Shire! We were all so excited this past weekend to have so many friends and family to our Sunday Potluck. Through the selfless efforts of so many loving cultivators we continue to accomplish more than we could ever really expect.

Sharing the love at Pecan Street Festival with EcoSteve
and The Shire.
Each week brings about new wonders for us here at Community Cultivators. Recently, we spent a weekend with EcoSteve and our Shire friends at Central Texas' oldest and largest free art festival, Pecan Street Festival held right here on 6th Street. With thousands of people we shared the beauty of abundance and community through earth plaster and solar cooking demonstrations as well as our miniature off-grid aquaponics system.

The festival was a great success and we managed to even divvy up our resources and continue our contribution to the new Deadend Homestead. If you haven't heard the news, The folks of the Deadend have taken over the house at the end of Pennsylvania Avenue and, with the help and encouragement of so many loving friends and cultivators, completed months worth renovations in mere weeks.

Cardboard, soaked in water and enriched with nutrient tea
is used as a weed barrier and fungal habitat. I deep layer
of wood mulch over the top of that and you've got
the beginnings of a beautiful garden... or orchard!
This past Sunday, we had a great time transforming a formerly dilapidated space, full of broken glass, rusty nails and other hazardous unknowns, into a massively sheet-mulched garden space.  Through the continued generosity of organizations like Wheatsville Co-op, and Davy's Tree Services, we've upcycled bale after bale of cardboard and several yards of wood mulch into rich healthy soils ready to bring vibrant new life to this once "dead-end".

The exchange of skills and knowledge are not limited to mulching and household renovation projects. We have a lot of fun learning new things and sharing our talents within the community. Nettie Tiso with Racecar Apparel put together a screen-printing demonstration and workshop. Her new spring collection features farmers market fresh produce and an exclusive run on Community Cultivators shirts and tanks. We're very fortunate to have so many talented folks in this community!

Nettie of Racecar Apparel preparing the screen for our
beautiful new Community Cultivators tees and tanks.
Special Thanks to Denton Weaver for the design work!
If you've yet to make it out to one of these incredible events don't worry, you're not alone. And you can also take comfort in the knowledge that we will continue to cultivate our collective communities, one potluck at a time.

Attending a potluck is easy. Simply click the 'like' button on the right hand side of this blog and we'll keep you informed of all our events through facebook. Not on facebook? No problem! Come out and visit us any time at the dead-end of Pennsylvania Avenue near 12th and airport or contact us via email.

From a manageability standpoint, we've decided to cut back on the frequency of our now famous potlucks. We are now only hosting potlucks every other Sunday afternoon. You are of course encouraged to stop by any time and we always welcome new visitors. Having the potlucks less frequently will allow us to be more intentional with our efforts and insure that we are providing the best possible experience to everyone involved.

Finally, I'd like to invite you all out to a wondrous adventure at the Hundred Acre Wood for the second annual Grackle Fest the weekend of June 3rd - 5th. Community Cultivators will be continuing in the spirit of Sunday fun with 2 hours of workshops on Permaculture, Aquaponics and Community Cultivation starting at noon on Sunday, June 5th. Something for everyone!