Friday, June 10, 2011

Celebrate [y]Our Interdependence!

This July 3rd, Community Cultivators will be participating in the first annual LoveATX Interdependence Fest @ Austin Art + Music Partnership. We're excited to be apart of this event and celebrate our interdependency with the folks at LoveATX! 

LoveATX is a project of LoveUnity an organization who works to build "home-town security" by empowering local communities and developing local economies. The Interdependence Fest is focused on informing and empowering the local community by:

providing a place for local communities and organizations to connect and network

sharing information about healthy, creative, conscious, and sustainable living

empowering and developing local community and economy

encouraging interdependence/collaboration between individuals and organizations

Sounds like our kind of event!

So, come out and join us on July 3rd and celebrate [y]our interdependence with LoveATX and Community Cultivators!