Monday, August 29, 2011

A Day of CommUnity

Join us for a day of CommUnity on the passing of 10 years since 9/11.

A Day of CommUnity is a collective fundraiser presented by LoveATX benefiting local community organizations (see list below). We will be...

* providing a place for local community and organizations to connect and share
* sharing information about healthy, creative, conscious, and sustainable living
* encouraging involvement and collaboration within the local community

The LoveATX mission is to empower the Austin community and support local economy. A Day of CommUnity will feature Austin-local organizations and artists creating a healthy, conscious, and sustainable culture. We believe real change comes when well informed individuals confront their responsibility to develop well informed masses.

"A dream you dream together is reality" - John Lennon

Start your Sunday with guided meditation, breathing, and yoga from 12pm-1pm.

Local Speakers:

* David McCully from Evolver Austin - Energetics and importance of community, building a culture based on ecological values and creative collaboration.
* John Edwards from Urban Patchwork Neighborhood Farms - Urban farms, CSAs, and ideas for developing communities.
* Chris Pearson of DIYthemes - Your abundant potential with proper use of technology, start your website now.
* Austin Time Exchange Network - community program, enables individuals to exchange services with one another by sharing skills within a network of people in Austin.
* more to come... stay tuned!

Local Organizations:

* Community Cultivators - Helping individuals realize the abundant potential of community through the cultivation of ~ mind, body and soil (aquaponics display & more).
* Creation Flame - meditation, art, healing, and eco-friendly open source construction.
* The S.H.I.R.E. Institute - Sustainable Habitats Incorporating Renewable Education.
* Backyard Transfarmers - Connecting the dots for urban farming - Aquaponics R&D
* Austin Time Exchange Network - community program, enables individuals to exchange services with one another by sharing skills within a network of locals.
* Austin Center for Holistic Healing and Yoga - Creating space within and around.
* Love Tribe - Engaged in a spiritual and ecological work that is grounded in our bodies, helping to germinate a new, more sustainable culture based on abundance, vitality and sharing.  or
* Ashram 5 Monks - consciousness, Kirtan, Bhakti yoga.
* Scene Machine - community owned and operated art/performance label and venue management cooperative
* Dois El Gato Tees -unique conscientious t-shirts for unique conscientious creatures.
* EcoSteve - Inspiration for progress & "I make Austin weird" tees.

Workshops coming soon... check back to sign up for workshops!

Event will include:
*Local Food Vendors
*Local Artists
*Local Performers (music, poetry, circus)
*Workshops (yoga, meditation, holistic health, sustainable methods)
*Activities for all ages

Suggested $10 donation (no one turned away)
$5 to LoveATX and costs and $5 to additional local organization of your choice! See below.

Choose from:
*Community Cultivators
*Creation Flame
*The New S.H.I.R.E. Institute

If you are interested in providing a workshop/presentation or representing your organization please email LoveATX at

LoveATX is a project of LoveUnity Foundation, a local start-up nonprofit. Read more here:

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