Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Natural building fun!

Every Sunday a group of cultivators have been gathering together to work on various permaculture projects. Over this past year we've built several gardens, re-landscaped a housing co-operative's front entryway and built a few aquaponics systems. During the month of February, we took to a natural building project that will soon become a large new greenhouse. 
For this project we knew we wanted several strong, well insulated, walls. Going in, we already had an idea for a natural building technique using woodchip mulch of which, we just happened to have a surplus. Also on hand was a large bale of weathered paper pulp left over from a previous papercrete project. It took a little experimentation but in the end we came up with a surprisingly strong material that sets nicely and shows very little evidence of slumping!
And yes, of course, we did another fun video to inspire your own creativity.

After the "mulchcrete" wall is plastered we'll add the greenhouse panels and plastic over the top and begin to build our new aquaponics system, propigation table and guinea perch (we need a warm place to shelter the guinea hens when the weather turns bad.)
Stay tuned for more!

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