Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cause and Effect: What You Do is What You Eat

It is becoming more and more evident that our actions are coming back to effect ourselves, externally and internally.

The Actions You Do Today is the Air You Breathe, the Water You Drink, and the Food You Eat. Here's why.

Walk a few feet outside and you most often find some sort of litter on the ground that is not natural. Just outside of where I am at this moment I've spotted a plastic bag, some plastic bottles, an aluminum can, and some Styrofoam that may have been a cup a few days ago. As these substances break down into smaller pieces, they are finding their way into the basic necessities of life; air, water, and food.

In certain areas of the ocean, it is now becoming more prevalent to see chunks of plastic than it is to see plankton. Fish and other aquatic species in these areas are eating these substances often bringing them to an early grave.

In fact, in our own bodies, we can now detect traces of the substances we are destroying nature with. The ancients were right with the golden rule, what you do unto others you do to yourself. The crucial error in our understanding is the exclusion of the environment, our home.

But fear not!

The beauty of this world is that we can correct our mistakes. It is never too late to say you are sorry and to make amends; forgiveness is a wonderful thing. The key is to move from passivism to activism.

To begin the healing process, it is vital to rekindle the bond with nature. Realize that the garden has all of life's necessities: fresh air, clean water, wild food, shelter, medicine, etc. This is something you have to rediscover on your own, or else it bears no true meaning. (I can tell you how chocolate tastes like but you really just have to try it).

If you need further guidance, try growing a plant. Basil is an easy one for indoor potted plants. Once you learn to nurture nature, it'll return the favor.

The air in your home will be a bit more fresher (plants pump out oxygen and can filter pollutants that get trapped indoors), and the food you eat from it will taste better. You co-created that plant by caring for it; nature did the rest. Imagine if we did the same with our environments. Imagine the sensation of living with and within a forest.

What more could you possibly want when you already have everything you need?

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